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Repinning from myself while browsing my boards for Spider-Man stuff...

Superheroes - Then and Now

The evolution of super heroes. Wow, that first Captain America and Hulk.

Tudo relacionado com elementos químicos!!!

This is literally how I remembered Iron, Thorium, and Americium in Chemistry last year. I even decorated my periodic table with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. < I honor you.

Super Emo Friends…

Funny pictures about Super Emo Friends. Oh, and cool pics about Super Emo Friends. Also, Super Emo Friends.

Magneto, the Oblivious Dad by Larbesta on DeviantArt

Magneto, the Oblivious Dad by Larbesta on deviantART aww poor Azazel

Quem da mais flores à viúva negra

I want a fanfic where the whole team basically gives Nat gifts for no reason XD<<< awwwww!

not a book but equally important. E pensa que eu vivi pra ver todos o tempo passa mesmo

The Marvel Cinematic Universe. SO EXCITED!<<<< the next captain America movie is I'd called civil war. The next avengers movie is infinity war and it's a 2 part film. The first part is coming out may 2018 and the second is may 2019


super heróis e super vilões iconografados

Iconic X-Men from re:design. Many of the X-Men members done in the style of Aiga icons. I think X-Men characters would have been a better title - I'm pretty sure Mr. Sinister never made the team.

Life Expectancies Of Superheroes - how long will your favorite hero live?

TheRetroInc on Etsy

An infographic looking at the life expectancy of your favourite superheroes and comic book characters,

D'aww.                                                       …                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Funny pictures about Little Baby Heroes. Oh, and cool pics about Little Baby Heroes. Also, Little Baby Heroes photos.

rey of sunshine

Sam Wilson comes to regret helping Captain America find the Winter Soldier.-- lol I always loved the on "your left" reference through out the Captain America The Winter Soldier movie