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    Baby lions will one day become ferocious kings of the jungle that could easily devour you. But that certainly isn't the case with these little ones just yet.


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    Lynxes are usually solitary animals, though they do hunt and travel in groups sometimes. Mothers raise kittens alone and they give birth to between two and four kittens per year. Young lynxes stay with their mothers for about nine months, before going off on their own.

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    King Cheetah Cub Photograph by Chris Johns Still just a prince, a rare king cheetah is the result of a recessive gene. Except for darker, elongated spots, king cheetahs are genetically identical to other cheetahs. The genetic homogeneity of cheetah populations may make them more vulnerable to disease.

    Because lions are really just really big cats with a sleeping schedule! #loving #animals #adorable #cute #lions #love #sleep #catnap

    Came Out by Leonardi Ranggana (40 Inspirations of Wildlife Photography - Francesco Mugnai's blog)

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    black panthers | heres a frog to keep ye frum goin too far. ifn ye go past this here ...

    The follow pictures are of Pygmy Marmosets, also called finger monkeys! So here are these pictures of finger monkeys! Some of them are baby monkeys, ...

    This ia the freeken adorable owl im doing a project on!

    Arabian Sand Cat ... arabian sand cat also known as Sand Dune Cat ,the only desert dweller of the wild cat family

    Cute Animals Falling Asleep #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals|

    The first kiss • photo: Jane Burton on AllPosters: Picture, Babies, Animals, Mothers Love, Sweet, So Cute, Baby Giraffes


    purple, butterfly, eye (“Alexandria’s Genesis” A woman named Alexandria Augustine came into the world on April 29, CE 1329 in London, England. At the time, she appeared to be normal, but her parents soon noticed that her eyes were changing from the blue eyes Alexandria had at birth to the purple eyes she would have by her first birthday....)

    Lion Love

    Baby Lion Playing With Leaves! Can it get any cuter?

    Lion babies!

    Lioness with cub