Grab a tissue! 1st day of kindergarten poem for scrapbook!

This made me cry

Already pinned this idea, but Perfect wording to explain to teacher..

A Mother's Prayer, literally teared up reading it :)

poem for parents, poem about children

Oh The Places You'll Go Tradition. Have your child's teacher sign at the end of each school year. Will make a great graduation gift full of memories!

Raising boys lol

First Day of Kindergarten- cute poem idea, I may rephrase it a lil for Ben ;)

Getting Kids to Clean Up Their Rooms – a Printable Checklist

This just made me bawl my eyes out.

Maybe my favorite thing I've found on Pinterest.

Father's Day poem

I haven't seen the whole thing before now.

I love my girls :) I had to repin this so I would remember to use it in my scrapbooks.

And enjoy every single year with your children, to me is very little time comparing the amount of time that after 21, they fly away from us. I cherish every single second i'm with them, and as best as my knowledge, I always try to be the best example i can be. :)

What being a Parent is all about...

love this

you two are beautiful people....and it's all down to your hearts.........

First day of school, holding picture of previous year first day of school. Or last day of school holding a picture from the first day of school would be cute. Or Senior Year holding 1st day of preschool or kindergarten.