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Do not be mistaken to believe the lie that GOD is nothing and the devil is something to follow. GOD proved it in truth that the devil is nothing and GOD is everything. The Word only has power when it is in the hand of GOD, otherwise your words actually carry nothing with it. When you have GOD saying something, you listen as HE is saying everything that counts, when you do trust him.

“I am deeply loved, divinely appointed, abundantly equipped, and profoundly cherished by God. No enemy plan, scheme, or obstacle can keep me from God’s highest and best will for me. As I follow the voice of my Savior, I see the invisible, accomplish the impossible, and love the unlovable. I am a living-breathing miracle because Jesus Christ lives in me! Amen.” – Susie Larson

All of your days have already been written in God's book. When you go through a disappointment, don't stop on that page. Stay the course. Keep believing. You may be tired, discouraged and frustrated, but don't give up on your future. Our God is faithful.

James 3:5 (TLB) ~ The tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do. Women of God should build with their words encourage one another

So here's the thing. I've been through so tough stuff but here I am, still making it through. I'm done feeling sorry for myself. I know there are people who care about me and I'm gonna lean on them when things are tough and I'm just going to trust in God because he has a plan for me.