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this large furoshiki cloth can be used as an apron, a bread bag, a tote for carrying groceries and produce, a way to transport potluck and picnic meals, a table or picnic cloth, or even a reusable gift wrapping option.

Eleanor - This package is really simple, only use cloth and riband. However, the collocation of these two materials make a different feeling of this package. It may not gorgeous, but the classic feeling makes people soft and relax.

stamped cotton bag

*studiopatro linen gift bags

Simple wrapping

DIY: simple drawstring coin purse. I think these would make great gift bags. --Pinned by WhatnotGems.Etsy.com

wrapped up banana bread

Good packaging idea for handmade items.

Button and elastic closure.



prachtig zakje - fabric gift pouch

Chalkboard-inspired gift wrapping DIY.

gift wrapping

beautiful way to wrap gifts

Gift wrapping

Simple Packaging

beautiful packaging ideas

burlap and lovely button

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