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Sherlock's R-Kive mover's/banker's box from ASiP


Not much like the damask pattern of Sherlock's pillow (ASiP) but I'm still hunting. Something like this would do in a pinch.

1/2 bushel apple crate, generic. Stamp it yourself with "Ambrose Lighton, Ltd. Kirton, Boston" to match Sherlock's move-in crate from ASiP. £25.00

Exclusive 360° Panoramic Tour Around Sherlock's 221B Baker Street Set


Beautiful panoramic of 221B.

Sherlock's Bedroom posted by @Arwel Wyn

221B...feels like home (OMG I HAVE THAT PILLOW)

221B Baker Street

These binoculars were designed in 1897 by León Bloch who in 1912, with Edmund Bloch, invented “Le Sherlock Holmes,” a stealth camera disguised as a small briefcase! Leuchars & Son sold the French-manufactured Mars binos (called La Jumelle “Mars” in adverts) in the UK. Their storefront was located in Piccadilly until 1902. They appear in every episode including the unaired pilot.

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221b Baker Street Series 2 Promo

In search of Sherlock's wardrobe

Skullcandy Aviator Headphones - I don't think it's Sherlock's exact headset but close enough for now...

SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ 221B Baker Street set: Sherlock's kitchen

We’re loving the Sherlock - Narrow It Down video by Grable424. WARNING: Video contains MAJOR SPOILERS from Series 3 - watch only if you've seen the episodes!

221B Baker Street layout.