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Audio excerpts from my February 2015 interview with Sherlock cinematographer Steve Lawes

The best Sherlock book you're going to get until mine comes out ;-)

B-I-N-G-O! After years of looking I FINALLY found the orange floor lamp! £76.00

Very similar (but not exactly the same) to the red glass lamp in the kitchen window. Still ISO the exact one...

This is the same pattern as Sherlock's mirror but it's made a bit more cheaply than the one in 221b. It's still expensive at £229 but half the price as the real deal.

This bee is on the wall in Sherlock's bedroom. It's from the book "Leben und Zucht der Honigbiene - ein gemeinverständliches Lehrbuch über Behandlung der Bienen und über Tätigkeit, Nutzen und Anatomie der Biene" 1922 by Oskar Krancher. Thanks to toxicsemicolon.tu... for the ident!

Stepforgeek's Sherlock Wallpaper Masterpost

The Instagram for John Whalley who did the anatomical sketches in 221b. Look at his site for more examples of his work!

The foot pic is from my post So yes!!!! It's a foot! and we now know that the image by Mr. Blue Skull is an anatomical sketch by the same artist. (I suppose he also did the thingy by the bison skull that nobody can seem to identify...)

AWJ says they bought the Alessi Blow-up basket from John Lewis

Sherlock's Vita Audio R2i - DAB / FM clock radio with iPhone / iPod cradle - walnut Visible in The Sign of Three

My interview with Sherlock composer Michael Price

My interview with Sherlock cinematographer Steve Lawes.

On the set with Sherlockology! www.sherlockology...

Vintage Retro Eagle Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones Headset SE40 - Japan

Empire Magazine 221b 360 degrees with commentary by Arwel Wyn Jones www.empireonline....

I can't even...

Kensington Palace, South Front An antique line engraving by J. Storer after T. Taylor (1809) Visible in the lounge by John's chair.

Four wooden dice. Sherlock's desk.

Four jumbo wooden dice appear on Sherlock's desk...

'Mr Blue Skull' as featured in series 1, 2 and 3 of BBC TV's 'Sherlock'221 signed, limited edition prints.43cm x 64cm.Printed onto 310gsm expressions paper.This is a fully archival museum quality cotton paper with a 125yr life.(Any orders placed prior to 18th December will be dispatched aiming for a Christmas delivery)

Cole & Mason Precision 505 140 mm Acrylic Mill Giftset Visible in the kitchen in TGG. “We wanted to blur the edge between laboratory and kitchen,” says Arwel, suggesting Holmes would think nothing of boiling the kettle next to an experiment on a severed hand - or heating up beans on a Bunsen burner."

Mortar & pestle visible on the kitchen table during TGG

Moftiss hanging out at my place