Lighthouse Lux W1.0 Lamp

3D module wall lamp

Would like for an outside wall

Awesome galaxy projector lamp

'lux W1' wall-mounted lighting system. the modular design is made up of colored aluminium cubes (100x100x100mm), which when lit, project an outward triangular light. the units can each make full 360 degree rotations, and in combination with one another, create multi-colored geometric patterns on the wall.

Net Muro Wall Lamp. Viabizzuno

These lamps are amazing, as they are cylindrical or square and cast the light from both sides.

reception desk

Wall Flower Wallpaper by Graham & Brown | This intriguing design by Marcel Wanders has a trompe l'oeil effect of carved stone but it’s actually flat to the touch

I love this. So simple. I think I will try to DIY this. Radient Sconce by Rich Brilliant Willing

New intriguing collections designed by Vibia at designjunction 2013 #design #light #minimal @moxiethrift on etsy Brochu

Santa & Cole Disco Wall Sconce | 2Modern Furniture & Lighting

pendant lights

HMFL Hemisphere Lamp by Moonlight

Finishing Touch Mood: This image shows the creative and modern theme to the brand.

Pourring light by Caleb Charland

cardboard pendant lamps

Tms 180 - Wall Lamp By: Strala

Lighthouse – Iceland Lux is a simple wall lamp, which produces a decorative lighting effect. As they rotate 360 degrees you can arrange a real light show / lacquered aluminum / available in 13 colours

These are 3D lamps and I think they are made out of wires but since it's 3D, it looks realistic but it looks a bit complicated to make them.