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And on the eighth day, God said, "Let there be the Hemsworth brothers."

And God said "Let there be the Hemsworth brothers" Amen.<-----funniest hemsworth bros quote yet.

in love

Star Tracks: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Liam Hemsworth wearing, ahem, 50 shades of grey. Not that he should play Christian, just the outfit and Liam in general


I usually don't like guys with long hair, but hot damn Chris Hemsworth! Me neither. He was heck of fine in Thor. Man, I guess good genes run in the family since his brother, Liam Hemsworth is good looking too.

Well hello there Mr. Hemsworth! I can't wait to see Hunger Games on the big screen!

Dear Liam Hemsworth, When you get sick of Miley Cyrus looking like Justin Bieber, I'll be here. (Ok so I only think this is funny cuz it says Miley Cyrus looks like Justin bieber! So completely true.

Bradley Cooper......Awwwhhhhh Yeeeaaaahh

Bradly Cooper OMG the brown hair and blue eyes gets me every time! I love him!

Chris Hemsworth~ he reminds me of a young Brad Pitt~ Gorgeous and talented

It's hard to find a man that has long hair and being sexy like Chris Hemsworth. What a beautiful blond long hair!

Cam Gigandet - I don't care that he was in Twilight. He'll always be Volchek from the OC.

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