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Least Tern, Crane Beach - Ipswich, MA by Michael Milicia.been to Crane Beach

Like an Angel: The Common Tern (by Jari Heikkinen)

Like an Angel, FINLAND by Jari Heikkinen, The Common Tern flying like an Angel :) light and dark

Crane in flight

The Himalayan legend says there are beautiful white birds that live completely in flight. They are born in the air, must learn to fly before falling and die also in their flying. Maybe you have been born into such a life with the bottom dropping out

22 white dove flying over troubled waters

White Dove: The Symbol-of-the Holy Spirit & it also symbolizes peace! This is because the Holy Spirit gives us the Peace that passes all understanding!

Boss ( my grandmother) loved "red birds" cardinals especially in December she was a Christmas baby!

♂Animals & Wildlife photography Red bird in snow "Little fellow in the red suit on Christmas Day!" by Steve Heath

Amazing photo capture of baby bird being save after falling from the nest

Spectacular Photo ~ Amazing photo capture of baby bird being saved after falling from the nest.

Albatross - The wingspans of the largest great albatrosses can exceed 340 cm (11.2 ft) - I spotted some on my Dolphin swim and they were majestic: http://www.zigzagonearth.com/swim-wild-dolphins-new-zealand/

Albatross - The wingspans of the largest great albatrosses are the largest of any bird, exceeding 340 cm ft). Albatross have high glide ratios, around to meaning that for every meter they drop, they can travel forward 22 metres.

Love swans (we had a thousand swans in the winter in my town in Michigan  via WG

"Mute Swan" - this was the "All Around" winner of the International Nature and Photography contest in 2010 ~ phptogrpaher Marco Antonini, at Lake Bracciano, Lazio, Italy So so beautiful .