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Koleston natural hair ad I love this. Look how they use nature as a canvas with the negative shapes in the subject matter. Very creative. You have to look at the billboards. I would of added a bit more direct response to it, but it is beautiful branding.

Ad for Bananas. I like this ad because it is really bright, good use of color and the image used is "promoting" bananas by giving it a thumbs up. Once again I enjoy the fact that even though I don't understand Finnish I know what the ad is selling.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 35 Pics

Der gute alte Duftbaum. Und wo sind die Plüschwürfel und der Pelzlenkradbezug? :D | | #design #werbung | | Mehr Ideen auf

14 Great Ads By The Real Mad Men, And What Drove All That Cleverness

Clever copy and simple graphics were hallmarks of mid-century advertising-- qualities perfectly embodied by Volkswagen’s iconic "Think Small" campaign. Doyle Dane Bernbach designed the ad shown here in 1962.