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I like big bucks and I cannot lie! All ya otha rednecks can't deny! When ya walk into a trailer with itty-bitty space 'n there's a mounted buck in yo face I get... Wait, that isn't how it goes! But it was something like that!

Oh Em Geeeee Nairne!!! I love this ... haven't been on here for a few weeks n sure didn't know you could send stuff lol ... I love you girl n still need to email you I know ... Kiss that beautiful little girl n I will write you soon I promise love!!!

Hunter's Prayer-- We pray our sights be straight and our aim be true. We pray for no pain to the game we pursue. We thank you, lord for this land. We thank you for the sights from our stands. We pray for safety one and all. We pray we may return next fall. S. Elliott