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Great place value anchor chart from Teaching with a Mountain View

This poster aligns the words kids see in word problems with the Math operations they represent. It has helped my students translate word problems into equations that are easily solved.

Elementary Division Teaching Ideas - including a list of sites with printables focused on division

Back to school tips on creating specific math charts to help you have a successful year in math instruction. These charts could be replicated for Literacy. also.

Interested in beginning Math Workshop? Start Math Workshop off on the right foot by building routines that will last all year.

Math Center Organization- This looks so much better than a bunch of baggies.

Free math journal resources: sample prompts for each grade level, tips on collecting/assessing, how to confer with students about their math journal writing, etc.

Fun Place Value Maths Game for kids. "Cows and Bulls" Good for learning 2 digit numbers, 3 digit numbers, 4 digits etc. This works brilliantly as a whole class game (teacher vs students) or with pairs or small groups of kids.

Get inspired!!! 26 Pinterest Boards for Math Teachers (perfect to bookmark for browsing this summer!)

Use your poem of the week to help teach math concepts or other cross-curricular subjects. These are great for shared reading, word work, reading comprehension and more.

Incredible list of books to be used with math. The site is a gold-mine for teachers, librarians and parents.

LEGO Math by Erin Bittman, weareteachers #Math #LEGO

Math projects with sports. Use sports to teach math. Great ideas from MamaSmiles

Many students will be able to understand mathematics concepts through literature! Here are some really good choices to use to integrate LA with Math.

Start making math manipulatives for teaching math today. A must for all homeschoolers and teachers!

Teaching math using a 100's chart. Simple but very smart idea to get a concept across.

Teaching math to special needs students isn't just challenging, it's game changing! ~Bon

Squarehead Teachers: Interesting article on the value of and best approach to teaching #math facts

Math Songs

Get kids talking about math strategies with these 10 simple classroom routines

Elementary Division Teaching Ideas - including a list of sites with printables focused on division

Math KITs (Fun Math Fact Practice Games) - a great way for kids to practice math facts at home or in school!

SIX Ways to Incorporate More Word Problems into Your Day! Stop by the blog for today's post about getting more problem solving into your day! See if any of these ideas might spark some ideas of your own!

Project Day: Visualizing in Math! That's right--we talk about it in reading, but we REALLY need to talk about it in math! See what we did today to get ourselves thinking about visualizing in math class...