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writing open-ended activities on file folders. Students pick out a different folder to take home each night. They complete the folder’s activity on a sheet of notebook paper and fill out the tracking form reflection on the front of the chart so they know which folders they’ve completed

How smart is this lady!! Have a folder for each standard and then put activities, notes, and games into each folder! like i have this kind of time #daretodream

Kids who have earned the most good behavior tickets throughout the week get to choose first from the Fun Friday board! Great idea.

Set up classroom transitions to music that happen automatically on your computer. Keeps you on time while also providing fun transitions for students!

KETCHUP folder: When students are absent, place a "ketchup folder" on their desk and slide their missed assignments inside the folder throughout the day.

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copenhagen // black & white

I love this free 2014 Foldable ~ Sets the tone for the New Year with a fun-to-make project focusing on learning goals!