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"I'm allergic to food. I break out in fat." Bahahahaha!!!!!! That's so funny!


I thought you were never coming home...

XD LOLZ SO TRUE! When I was just getting a donut at the HEB when I came back my dog scratch the sofa XD I WILL NEVER EVER BE MAD AT MY DOG NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES - more funny things:

Haha-- This is reminding me of the time I gave my cat (Spike) a bath in the bathtub. With human shampoo... I ended up so scratched up! Looking back I feel bad for the kitty cat...

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Awe okay :/

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The difference between cats and dogs

The difference between cats and dogs... Cats have ZERO EMOTION. Except when you try to get them to swim...

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Emotions of a cat




Ha, very fitting for todays conversation .... Girl code #67: never post a pic where your lady friend looks like ish (common girls, we ALL know when someone looks bad)