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    How INFJs Deal with Conflict

    I'M ON IT!!

    Breaking Bad - Entertainment Weekly: Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston

    Good thing to remember next time I assume someone's just not a people person..

    76 Thoughts All Introverts Have At Parties-This article completes me. Spot on.

    Pops, the Regular Show, My favorite character on my favorite cartoon.... I married a youthful man who sucked me into cartoons..haha


    "[INFPs] must balance their need for privacy and peace with their yearning for human connection. If there seems to be an air of sadness in the INFP's spirit, blame it on this type's longing for the perfect [the ideal] in all things."




    I love shopping. But some days, I just can't do it. If I walk into one more mall store and someone asks if they can help me find something, I'm going to scream.


    Southern plantation home, I passed a plantation every morning on the way to school where I grew up.

    Why yes I did

    Support the Makers!

    Physical treated as mental..THIS makes me so mad.

    Soo TRUE! Particularly if it's a wedding shower, baby shower, stag & doe, or any event in a brightly lit hall. UGHHHHH. Woman plan the most boring events.

    “Solitude matters. And for some people it is the air that they breathe.” –Susan Cain

    I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.


    I love elephants! They are so compassionate and loving towards their families.