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    Ha I have been like the right picture a couple times this school year already!

    Teacher Evaluation Systems: A Teacher's Perspective Visit Managing and Motivating Math Minds with Kacie Travis

    Full moon = #TeacherProblems

    Battery Life of a Teacher…Too funny!


    Is this the test to test for the test?

    I've seen a LOT of these, but this is my favorite. The last panel says it all!



    This is so true. Come see what Kindergarten is really like today!

    If people only knew....

    Pencil fidgets - They allow the student to have something to move around in their hands. Students that require such fidgets have a need for sensory stimulation, and fidgets provide that within the classroom setting.

    Who's Who and Who's New: Setting the Tone in the First 10 Minutes of the First Day of School

    More like two seconds!!!

    ha ha love this and need it for one of my classes where the definition of talking seems to be confused...

    the loudest sound in the room...***facepalm*** #teacherproblems

    I LOVE this!! She has the #firstday hashtag up for, obviously, the first of the school year. She's going to take a picture of each student and put their it on the board. Then she'll change the hashtag and pictures throughout they year. SO cute!!

    I don't go back to being a teacher for another three weeks, but the nightmares have already started!

    OMG! How true.

    You know you're a teacher when the thought of laminating something makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.