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  • Jaunty Blithe

    What a blast from the past. Haven't seen these for too many years to admit.

  • Susan

    Nabisco Waffle Cones in assorted colors --- we'd have these in our house in the summer; I remember this exact packaging!

  • Lori Padgett

    ~ Childhood Memories

  • turtlepetalouda

    Colored ice cream cones! I remember sister and I would fight over who got what color cone!

  • Emily Eldridge

    Vintage Ice Cream Cone Package #vintage #packaging #retro #icecream

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Had the ice cream cone one. How I wish I had kept all of my old avon stuff from when I was a kid!

Remember these?! Fruit-flavored candy sugar in fruit-shaped bottles. I used to LOVE these!

Push up pops!! We would walk all by ourselves to the 7-11 and buy these during the long hot summer days. Never feared about bad people then.

Before there were computers, books were checked out this way.

  • Tricki Wildheart

    I remember this

  • Chelisa Hostler

    Just curious about the dates? They don't match up to the dates checked out and dates returnedm some are returned before they were even checked out by that person? Doesnt seem right.

  • Chelisa Hostler

    Haha just relalized I read the date due as checked out. Sorry for sounding like a damn smart-ass. Carry on.

  • Skylar Korby

    Ruth Harbuck, such a delinquent. Over three weeks late.

  • Tom Getty

    Colleen you are in sooo much trouble.


Queen Buzzy BeeFrom onelatenight - I remember having one of these as a kid. Is it bad that I want to have it now? #vintage #children #toys

Vintage Fisher Price Dog: Who would have known that this cute fellow would become a collector's favorite? $4

  • Amanda Newton

    we had one of those in our toy box when i was a kid! :D

  • Northern Flicker

    My parents saved mine too, and it became my son's favorite! Had to take it everywhere, and then we left it at a restaurant! I had to order a new one on Ebay that night! :-)

  • Jane Wang

    @Susan Englander: What a good mommy : )

  • Micki Sharar

    I remember playing with these toys growing up. My parents saved these toys for our children.

  • Kerri Bayne

    My little brother chewed his ears off :(

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Please tell me someone out there remembers having these pencils in the 90's

PRELL Shampoo 1960s: the "pearl" at the bottom of their bottle of shampoo just like the awesome dinner plates that came in a box of laundry detergent contrast the striking difference in the excellence of those days and the mediocrity of today.