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Obilisk of Ramsis ||

Obelisco Ramses na noite - Templo de Luxor, Egipto / Obelisk Ramsses at Night - Temple at Luxor, EGYPT

"Travel is daydreaming in real life" Comet Hale-Bopp over the Great Cheops Pyramid , Giza, Egypt

Azores Islands, Portugal.

São Miguel Island is also referred to locally as "The Green Island", is the largest and most populous island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores

Ayutthaya, Thailand. Places to travel before you die.

With sixteen million foreign travellers visiting THAILAND every year, it’s important to create a blueprint of the trip much in advance to ensure a fun-filled vacation. Here are some tips for you on the exotic places to visit and what to do in THAILAND.

Sunrise over Giza

pyramids of egypt at sunset, cairo, my favorite place. Ate my breakfast at the base of these pyramids, my first day in Egypt !

Egypt - Giza - View of the Sphinx and great pyramid. This was as close as I got: the big cat was fenced off.

Uncovering the sphinx in Giza, Egypt, ca. year 1850

Happy 75th, Baseball Hall of Fame: A Celebration in Pictures

American baseball players pose on the Sphinx of Giza, during Albert Spalding’s world baseball tour to promote the sport.

Egyptian Pyramids

Giza Pyramids Egypt- think about this. Scientist have confirmed that the ancient Egyptians could not lift those bricks with ramps or not! The pyramids were also confirmed years old, when thy were told to be so what was there back then? The Ch

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Eyes of Horus and Ra. Two ancient Egyptian deities. The eye of Horus symbolizes protection, royalty, and good health. The eye of Ra symbolizes good luck.

Christmas is a major festival all over the world. Spend an Egypt Christmas Holiday by touring the magic land of Egypt, with its majestic architecture, the amazing pyramids.


Egypt has more than 100 pyramids that are spread all over the country. A Pyramid is a pyramid-shaped structure, made up of sandstone brick. The pyramids were


20 Sights That Will Remind You How Incredible Earth Is (Part 2)

The Great Pyramids Of Giza in Egypt. I have wanted to visit Egypt since I was a child and luckily I have now been - they are awesome!