How to mold chocolate using brown sugar and any object. Need to remember this

Rock Candy. Easiest thing ever.

23 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray

20 Zero Calorie Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Disney princess themed cocktails

Spinach Pie - you could use the technique for lots of things, though!.

crystal-chips... apparently they taste like chips. Here's the recipe. I might try it when I have a spare few days!

A whole page on things you never thought of!

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Baked doughnuts {finally a baked version} They only have 1 T. butter for a batch of (15) glazed donuts! Yummy!

(from another pinner) this is literally the best punch i've ever made. pinning this so i don't have to search it every time i want to make it.

Campfire cake cooked in campfire. Fill up orange a little over half way with a cake mix put the top of the orange (lid) back on, wrap in foil, and set in coals for about 20 min! @Kim Starosta Blackwell

Magic Crackers! Pour this secret sauce over these crackers, cover, flip every 5 minutes for half an hour and then enjoy! Will stay fresh in a container for up to one week but I never have any leftovers to store! Everybody will ask you for the recipe! So FUN! 11,781 total pins!

food :)

Alphabetized Ingredient substitute list for when you don't have a key ingredient. It tells you how to replace it & there is generally more than one option given so you have a choice.

20 Fittest Foods for your Fridge. "If you keep good food in your fridge, you will EAT GOOD FOOD"

rainbow cake how to- fun!

kid food :D