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remember the MASH episode where Hawkeye is in the row boat with no arms and the water is filled w/arms and they are clanking up against the boat. That is what this images reminds me of!

Following my own advise today on the blog-www.dawncookdesign.com

My happy place.if you have never done this then you've never truly seen beauty & peace. Whether it's early morning, calm with a cup of coffee or sunset calm with a glass of wine.this is serenity.


Rain in the Dust - Set on a cloudy London day, photography duo Saty + Pratha capture Leomie Anderson in an array of seventies inspired looks for our latest

Skara Brae - Orkney Islands, Scotland. 5,000 year old neolithic settlement. Absolutely amazing to see.

Jarlshof is the best known prehistoric archaeological site in Shetland, Scotland. - Described as "one of the most Remarkable Archaeological Sites ever excavated in the British Isles", it contains Remains dating from 2500 BC up to the century AD.

Helen Sear....    Google Image Result for http://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/helen_sear.jpg

These beautifully layered photographs are from a series titled Inside the View by British artist Helen Sear - use as photography artist

Inspiring Sketches

I sit there drawing and listen to the waves." I shrug and keep drawing he try's to look at it but I hide it " uh-ah" I say ( open rp anyone powers allowed)

When I stop struggling I float. It is the law.

The calmness of the water, drifting away all negativities of the human soul, as we float on in complete serenity.