snow globes

If I lived in a Snow Globe writing prompt

If I lived in a Snowglobe- free

Lost-Students describe their snowman so that it can be uniquely identified




December Writing Idea

If I lived in a snow globe... craft and writing activity project for your #winter #classroom

Pencils and Magic Wands: Cute idea for the first week of school writing prompt... would make a cute September bulletin board recapping our summers!

President's Day and U.S. Symbols #self personality #soft skills #softskills|

Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera: Snow Globes and Reindeers

Writing Prompt (Trapped in a snow globe) What a cute idea for winter!

I feel lucky when...cute St Patrick's Day Activity

Write about what you would do if Thing 1 and Thing 2 came to your house. Adorable!

Data/graphs for the holidays to use with my kiddos. Great way to begin math each day for the weeks in December.