The best day of your life ...

I usually hate quotes, but this is pretty hilarious.

I hate those days where you don't know why, but you just feel sad.

I thought I has social anxiety but it turned out I just hate people.....

<3 My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned, and that's ok.

I just don't have the words to help you understand. I'm lost in those times & have no energy to try. I hate those times. Loneliest & lowest days #words



You have a whole book of people you want to punch in the face. | 23 Things Only People Who Hate People Will Understand

Hey! When I say leave me alone, it doesn't give you permission to keep talking to me and to keep calling and texting and emailing and stalking me on Facebook and stealing my freaking pictures and acting like you know me. You're a freaking moron. I hate you! Just leave me the heck alone. I don't want you or need you in my life.


Love this quote!

Happiness is a reality but also a conscious choice for most adults --sometimes not an easy one--, while comfort is a combination of attitude and circumstances ... Both are good things in balance, since comfort is not necessarily superfluous things, and happiness is not necessarily lack of effort, compassion, or understanding of our own suffering as well as others

True that

Insight <3


Audrey Hepburn

Those moments made me who I am today. So many memories i will never ever forget