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The Poetry, Truth of End-of-Life (TEDMED performance by Sekou Andrews & Steve Connell)

Embrace life...wear your seat belt.

Aging can slow the body, but the spirit often perseveres.

Signs and Symptoms of Dying - Death Rattle - the end of this video has a recording of a dying person with a death rattle, may be comforting for loved ones to prepare themselves for what they may hear..

In palliative care, it's not just about fixing the problem. It's about giving the person a chance to tell their story and listening carefully to how the problem affects them personally. This vignette is VERY funny, and was probably designed to illustrate differences between men and women, but there are important lessons for us palliative care professionals here. Remember -- It's not about the nail.

A masterful video on EMPATHY from the Cleveland Clinic. Kudos.

On Death and Bereavement - Talk for 8th Global Conference on Buddhism. Watch here:

Palliative Care and the Human Connection: Ten Steps for What to Say and Do [Video]