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Spend 3 days trying to find a boots that sells refill gas, then spray water all up the walls, to get a coke that tastes like it's been served in an old pub - gotta love the


Old fashioned Soda Stream

Yum. I remember these so well. They used to make your tongue sore lol.

The poll will close at Monday Top THREE go through Group G Chipsticks Salt & Vinegar 45486 Nothing tastes quite like a Chipstick: The yumfactor of Chips & Crisps all in one.

I used to pour the whole bottle of this in the bath! M.

Matey Bubble Bath Why did Matey have to change the old version of this bubble bath? Fab bottle and it used to make your bath water blue - bring it back!

My dad always wore this when I was growing up

Guys wearing too much Brut cologne in 1966 (it came out in 1964 and was super popular) -- I gave my guy a bottle of Dior's new Eau Sauvage in 1966 to get him 'off' the Brut kick!

Mini Coke Can Necklace

Vintage Mini Coke Can Necklace/ 80s Accessories

Vintage Mini Coke Can Necklace/ Accessories

Lucozade - by hospital beds everywhere in the 70's.

Lucozade - by hospital beds everywhere in the Remember getting this when i was in hospital. I hated it, only thing i liked was the orange cellophane.

Had loads of these left over in the sweet jar as no one wanted them! Me and my friends would pretend that these were tablets!

Climpies (had no idea they were called this btw!) I used to love swallowing these whole for some reason!

I found that it rubbed the paper away too!

Funny pictures about This Childhood Myth. Oh, and cool pics about This Childhood Myth. Also, This Childhood Myth photos.

Babycham. | Britain’s 9 Most Revolting Alcoholic Drinks

Babycham - the first alcoholic drink any of us had! "I'd love a Babycham!

Morph - i had a bendable toy morph, made of rubber with wire inside. When it started to poke through, my mum 'killed' him. 80's health and safelty, eh?  #nostalgia #80s #childhood

Morph - i had a bendable toy morph, made of rubber with wire inside. When it started to poke through, my mum 'killed' him. health and safelty, eh?

This was all the rage in middle school.

toys from the We loved this snotty green stuff and well, so did the carpet. Which meant, mom hated it and it was short lived in our house. The best fun about it was jamming your entire hand in the can to hear it fart.


Tab-one of the first if not THE first low cal (diet) drinks. My Mom drank this all the time. It is one of my mom memories

Smiths Twists crisps.    So vinegary they made your face contort!

Smiths Twists Crisps - wish they still made them.

Worzel Gummidge-WONDERFUL little episodes to watch. I wish I could watch some now

I loved Worzel, Couldn't stand Aunt Sally though!