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  • heidi-man

    Black Face, Racial Caricature, and Cake: Raising Awareness about "Female Genital Mutilation"? (click thru for analysis) -- REALLY inappropriate Swedish "Art Installation" regarding FGM. Female Genital Mutilation. The Artist himself, is screaming each time the Swedish women cut into Red Velvet Cake. You can't give Swedes CAKE & COFFEE & expect them to be political!! In Scandinavia, it's all about the cake. --- Very inappropriate Video. I give the Artist a 'D' minus.

  • Peasy Rawlins

    Swedish minister celebrates with nigger cake. The cake depicts an African tribal woman’s breasts, abdomen and vaginal areas. The icing is rich chocolate, and the cake is red velvet. A performance artist’s head in blackface protrudes from the table. The artist screams each time the cake is sliced.

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Black Face, Racial Caricature, and Cake: Raising Awareness about "Female Genital Mutilation"? (click thru for analysis)

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wtf..... Kind of relieved that they didn't label it "JAPANESE & Native Americans", but still "Native American accessories"? WTF?!

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Brains- i love there version of the original poster- just in time for halloween to pin this image- Its so much fun and interesting to look at as the artist took it and made it there own

the origin of pink & blue as gendered colors

Original Sun-Maid Raisins girl. I used to think my mama was the woman on the box.

The top 10 percent of earners took more than half of the country’s total income in 2012, the highest level recorded since the government began collecting the relevant data a century ago, according to an updated study by the prominent economists Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty.

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