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Especially lying to your children that is ONE THING YOU SHOULDNT BE DOING!! Wow some people just dont know when to stop... FACTS ADD UP LIES DONT REMEMBER THAT

MAEIA: He died a hero, died a loving father, why are you trying to ruin his memory! MARA: Because he's not dead, he's not, he lied, he's still alive - MAEIA: HE'S DEAD MARA! He's dead, he can't - will never come back- MARA: Jeremy came back!.....He came back! He came back, and so can Dad!"

You changed everything girl, didn't see that coming.. But so thankful it happened! ♥ #Arthur

This Quote was made "famous" in the movie "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" but it's actually from JOHN LENNON!! :)

So true... Like & Repin. Thanks . check out Noelito Flow. Noel Music.

He got to know every part of me including the darker sides no one else sees & then he left me.

Don't give up. It will get better. It hasn't for me... and pry never will. but it will for you :) stay strong

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Daily Quote: Don’t Try To Understand Everything…

Don't try to understand everything. Sometimes it is not meant to be understood, just accepted.

When a female is used to getting #hurt, she won't know how it feels when a man starts to appreciate here, so she ends up pushing him away.

Truth - very important to remember this. People waste time castigating themselves for missing HUGE parts of their lives, because they feel guilty for missing someone that was horrible to them. Missing someone is never something to feel guilty over. It is an expression of grief, loss and love.....