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Nº1 Nord-West 0º-90º. Project 360º by 21bis (Frank Dresmé).    Graduation project 360° is all about four psychogeographical maps. These maps are the routes between personal destinations in Amsterdam. Every destination in a different wind direction; north /east /south /west back to the north.    More at: http://www.21bis.nl/project/26

[Image: From Project by Frank Dresmé]. Here’s an old project by Dutch graphic designer Frank Dresmé. Called Project it used the idea of the “transect” as a way to map a…

Pedro Pitarch /// Archipiélago Lab - PFC ETSAM @ Madrid

Archipiélago Lab - PFC ETSAM @ Madrid // Mechanized, feels dynamic, interesting example for those who are engaging issues of logistics and industrial systems.

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49721f303ac5c42deea2958a621d4785--architecture-mapping-architecture-drawings.jpg (736×981)

AA Diploma 2 Norine Chu. Tutor: Didier Faustino and Kostas Grigoriadis

Great Representation that could be used for site analysis // AA Diploma 2 Norine Chu. Tutor: Didier Faustino and Kostas Grigoriadis

kolokyum.com - Galeri: Eşdeğer Mansiyon (2) - Gaziemir Aktepe ve Emrez Mahalleleri Kentsel Dönüşüm Alanı Mimari Proje Yarışması

Community Development Grants provides a collection of resources on government and philanthropic support to build healthy communities.


Thanks for all the comments on the urban transects revisited post – an engaged and wonderfully broad ranging conversation. I think a common thread in the dialogue is that an urban transect h…

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