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i'll never let go!

Ana P. from Belleville, Ontario sent us this photo of some very loving carrots. Or one loving carrot and a carrot pole. See more funny-shaped food here!


This picture reminds me of winter on Long Island in The storm had dropped a ton of snow and everything turned to ice. It was breathtaking.

There's some junk in the trunk.

Another Butt Tree.this "butt" is fuller with a narrow "waist" and the bark is different. Wonder how many know "Butt Trees" there are?

Time to eat.

VERY funny and interesting story about a wild goose "claiming" a stud horse.


Prairie Dogs cuddle like Humans and we can't even handle it! Two Prairie Dogs Cuddle. According to National Geographic, Prairie dogs always greet one another with a kiss or nuzzle.

:-).. Mine would be more like Chocolate Pie or Cake seeds.... LoL ... Wa-hooooo !

I wanted to start eating healthy and growing all my own food, but i can't find any twinkie seeds.

I've seen old tires over fence posts and used as "no trespassing" signs, but this is another great use of an old tire. Put a drainage hole in the bottom, give it spritz of your favorite color and add flowers. I'd still hang it over a fence post though...it would look awesome along the road way, or the entrance of your home........D.

DIY Tire Planter Tutorial

tire flower planter tutorial at DIYShowOff So many great craft ideas and tutorials with burlap and jute!