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Depth of field is influenced by three main factors: 1) Aperture, 2) Focal length, and 3) the distance to the subject.

Paris 1953. Sabine Weiss One of my favorite pictures of all time. Which direction is the person going. Coming, running away?

When you repeat a pattern of behavior involuntarily, it is a sign that your shadow is running the show. For example, you may promise yourself that you're going to spend more time with your family, when you actually spend more time at work. You may find yourself jumping into a questionable relationship, when you know that this person isn't right for you. You may ignore your own rules about eating, smoking or drinking.

The female form has always been a source of inspiration to artists and that includes this professional photographer based in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Hence this board dedicated to art nude and similar images

“If you seek creative ideas go walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.” ― Raymond I. Myers

“Ela mudou as roupas, o modo de andar, pintou o cabelo, passava mais maquiagem, mudou o jeito de pensar de falar e até de agir, mudou seu jeito, mudou tudo, só pra disfarçar o que não havia mudado ainda, o coração.” — 400.