Helpful Yardage Card


This chart is awesome! They have a Word version so you can print it and keep it at the sewing table!

Yardage Chart - So much easier than standing at the cutting table trying to figure it out ;)

yardage chart

Seam Finishes without a Serger | Best and Essential Sewing Tips, Tools, and Tricks for Beginners | Sewing Hacks | Learn How to Sew | Sewing Tutorials and Instruction | Simple Sewing Techniques

This handy metric conversion guide will help you to convert fabric measurements, seam allowances and more.

Schmetz Needle Color Coding Chart. ***IT'S THEIR NEW SYSTEM WHICH STARTS IN 2014***

Good site for yardage needed for different projects~ THIS IS GOLDEN!!!!!! I put it on two of my boards!!

Learn how to clean your sewing machine and keep in it working order. Remove dust and fiber build up. The Sewing Loft

Fabric Uses - table of what to use for what type of garment or project

Tip: Learn the right type of fabric to use for your projects. Check out this handy chart & tip for Tuesday!

Quilt size and backing yardage chart

free patterns and tutorials blog... helpful.

yardage reference chart

Helpful info.

What you need to know before you learn to sew. {This is jam-packed with tons of helpful info - especially if you're new to sewing like I am!}

Cardboard Hem Pressing Guide: marking hems and ironing are my least favorite parts of sewing... this would help! I need to do this!

Sewing with knits can be a challenge but Stay Tape will help keep things all lined up! Quick Tip by The Sewing Loft #sewingtip #sewing

SEWING TIP: If you've heard about using tissue paper to help make sewing slippery fabrics easier, but weren't sure how that worked, check out this helpful tutorial from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing.

Owl Plush PDF Hooter the Owl Pillow PDF Tutorial and by bedbuggs, $6.99