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the various colors and variations of fittonia // if you are new to gardening or think you've got a brown thumb this is the best and most easiest plant to take care of (imo) because when thirsty the leave droop! once you water, they quickly pop back up

Tradescantia pallida - Commonly called the Wandering Jew, thrives in sun or light shade in subtropical areas, grows to about a foot tall, and is typically used as an ornamental in gardens and borders.The plant is also used as a ground cover or hanging plant.

from Better Homes and Gardens

Fantastic Foliage Houseplants

Blushing Bromeliad ~ Although small purple flowers form in the center of blushing bromeliad's vase, the variegated foliage is the star attraction and source of its common name. Leaves have saw-tooth edges, so take care when handling the plant. Water the central vase rather than the soil.