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How to Wear a Bow Tie

How to wear a bow tie in six easy steps. Bow ties are cool!

Officially licensed Doctor Who watch from Zeon Character.

Doctor Who Wristwatches for Real Timelords For A on WD since he doesn't like pocket watches >-> who doesn't like pocket watches. But they are watches for your POCKET!


Even Trump is offended by this

I actually cried reading this if I were the girl in the story I would die if that happened this show was my escape from my life and it brought me so many tears of happiness and joy. This just shows how much fandoms mean to people

Delilah ✩ a theory of how willy wonka might be a timelord or the doctor himself!

Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. Unfounded, of course, but very imaginative and smart! It's been years since I read 'The Great Glass Elevator,' but it is very Doctor Who, isn't it?

Best Doctor Who meme I've seen in a while... Want to memorize the rhyme!

Kimber on

I love Doctor Who; I love pictures about it and watching it but this is one heck of a poem! This is the most awesome poem ever!

Who’s Who of Doctor Who…:

Who’s who of Doctor Who…

The Who’s Who of Doctor Who, a guide about the actors who have played the doctor.

The Doctor ^^ I'll need to find 6's quote; I'm having trouble reading it.

really glad the Doctor one isn't the annoying, constantly rehashed one. I feel like the Doctor one could be a better quote, but I don't know what I'd choose instead. quote is the best one, but gave me the most feels.

I want this. Very cool and my favorite description of time in my favorite episode

Time-y Wimey Tee by Tom Trager - Get Free Worldwide Shipping! This neat design is available on comfy T-shirt (including oversized shirts up to ladies fit and kids shirts), sweatshirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more.


Doctors Who – lol my kids would like this one — they're FOREVER telling the Doctor Who Knock Knock joke around here…