love yourself first; seriously my advice to all of those girls out there that think they need a man. To have a good healthy relationship you have to accept yourself and love yourself. Once you do, others will too.

Put on some red lipstick and live a little!

slow motion is better than no motion.

never too late.

Don't be afraid to start...

This is probably what my kids are thinking!

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You know how to put things into perspective.

i believe i can.

So true

Have more than you show,speak less than you know

This has proven so true over and over in my life....I like to choose adventure!


I need this today, visited my mother today and she was very hurtful........If I remember this saying I will be fine...don't be kind because they deserve it, be kind because YOU deserve it.

uh huh



Satsuki Shibuya on Conundrum