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    How to make an Old Lady costume

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    • Nancy Guin Gann

      Same way I look when telemarketers call.... Oooh I can't stand it ! I grew up in the 70s watching "the family" on the Carol Burnett show and then in the 80s when Mama got her own show. This younger generation could learn a lot from her.

    • Michelle Lexa White

      Who doesn't love a fiesty old lady? Okay, maybe whoever is behind them in the supermarket checkout line and they're whipping out their checkbook and a cascade of coupons isn't too fond of them. Play it for laughs with a fun and funny DIY old lady costume that can be worn by guys or gals! ##Things You'll Need## * A Gray {Old Lady Wig} * {Granny glasses} * Pillow (or padded butt) * Tissues or socks * Floral-printed dress (from thrift store) * Cardigan sweater * Jewelry (pearls, long chain necklace) * Rolled stockings * Orthopedic-type shoes * Oversized pocketbook * Ziplock bag * Yellow food coloring * Water * Colostomy bag (from drug store or medical supply store ##Putting together your Old Lady costume## **Step 1:** Put on your old lady dress purchased from either a thrift store or the sale racks in a department store. **Step 2:** Pad your butt with either a {fake butt} or a pillow underneath your dress. Similarly, you can also stuff the top part of your dress with socks or tissues for that "old lady boobs" effect. **Step 3:** Pull on a pair of stockings and roll them down around your calves. Put on a pair of orthopedic-style shoes (they don't have to be orthopedic, just ugly!) **Step 4:** Drape your cardigan sweater over your shoulders and button the top button to hold it in place. Or, you can put the sweater on, too! Add some jewelry like a strand of faux pearls or gold chain. **Step 5:** Put on your {gray old lady wig} and {granny glasses}. **Step 6:** Add some more, fun finishing touches with an oversized handbag. (Remember, old ladies somehow have a never-ending supply of sourballs and hard candies in these purses!) For a gross, yet humorous take, get a colostomy bag from a drugstore or medical supply store and fill it with water and yellow food coloring. Ew!

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