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Clothespin Easy Math Activity with FREE Printable

Use clothespins with answers to practice addition. This can work for subtraction as well. #math #addition #kindergarten

Addition & Subtraction Practice Sheets, Speed Tests, Plus Doubles

This provides lots of adding and subtracting practice and doubles facts that can only improve math fluency! Included are speed tests that can be timed in

Lucky Math Time-Cooperative partner activities

Lucky Math Time! Cooperative partner activities for addition plus two, subtraction minus two, doubles addition and composing teen numbers with addition. A number line included with each game! A great Kagan Activity! $1.25

Addition Facts Strategy Practice: Doubles, Double - 1, Doubles + 1

Introducing Number Lines 0-10: A Teacher Resource Pack

Lots of number lines for teachers and students with tons of task card activities including learning addition & subtraction! $