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#Belly Fat Loss Tips (Infographic)

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The Busy Mom's Guide to Getting Fit

For busy moms, not having time to exercise is more than an excuse, it’s a reality. Here are some great tips to help moms get fit.

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Q&A: How did you find time to exercise when you had young children?

Do you feel like it's not possible to fit in exercise because you have young children and a full schedule? This post is packed with tips, tricks, practical ideas, and strategies to help you make exercise a reality -- even if you have multiple young children and packed days!

Taking It Off :: The Start of My Weight Loss Journey | Houston Moms Blog {An inspirational story of one mom's start to losing weight and getting healthy for herself and her family.}

I am a med student and personal trainer. I’ve been obsessed with nutrition, fitness and weight loss for many years. I wanted to write a detailed article to explain exactly how to lose weight fast, using methods that have been scientifically proven to work. This article is pretty long, so grab a cup of coffee (or tea). “What do I need to do to lose weight quickly?” I get this question almost every day.

Infographic: The Cost of Calories

Top 10 foods that burn belly fat: Oatmeal, Berries, Whey Protein, Green Veggies, Peanut butter, Lean Meat, Olive Oil, Eggs, Nuts, Whole grains. They're just healthy foods!

Note: does not have to be cayenne pepper--the stuff that makes cayenne pepper work for losing weight is found in spicy peppers period. Also, add turmeric to this. It not only helps with weight loss, it evidently has several health benefits.

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Print This Now! Full-Body Circuit With Weights

Poster Workout: Full-Body Circuit With Weights