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    • Mary Winder

      Another thing on my bucket list, to see whales in the ocean..... Wow #whale — #MindBodySpirit. Brought to you by SunGoddess Magazine: Igniting the Powerful Goddess WIthin

    • Kelly Schiefelbein

      Maui Humpback Whales - I would probably call my life complete if I saw this. Just awesome! I freaken love animals!!!!!

    • Rachel Earl

      Humpback Whale Breaching--amazing shot! Photoshopped or not, whoever created this picture had talent!

    • Patricia Loya, Artist/Designer

      Maui Humpback Whales - Adult humpback whales range in length from 39–52 ft & weigh approximately (79,000 lb.The humpback has a distinctive body shape, with unusually long pectoral fins and a knobbly head. An acrobatic animal known for breaching & slapping the water with its tail & pectorals, it is popular with whale watchers off Australia, New Zealand, South America, Canada, & the United States.

    • Bekah Clipperton

      Ok, the reason this makes me laugh is because people actually think it's a real picture. Think about it- 1. There is no way the water could be shallow enough for grass to be sticking up above the surface and then just a few yards away be deep enough for a whale to breech. 2. The body of water in the picture is clearly not the ocean. Look at how you can see the opposite shore. (lined with trees, not a beach, I might add) 3. The whale has no shadow.

    • Tammy St-Onge

      Humpback Whale at Maui, Hawaii ....incredible photo opportunity!!!! woweeeee! <3

    • Rewave Lab

      #Rewave_lab #sea #ocean #water #jump #photo #pic #whale #blackwhite

    • Victoria Borello

      #blackandwhite #photography #whale #ocean #free #wonder #magic

    • Luciana Saragih

      #giant #whale #run #nature #monochrome #photo

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    This is pretty much what happened when I went whale watching in California when I was about 10. The captain said that they aren't allowed to get so close to the whales but since it came up to the boat he wasn't going to move. It was a wonderful experience and I hope my kids are able to have a similar one someday.

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    The tree deer, seems like a fairy tale character. And someone out there would kill this beautiful creature for their glory ----------- *Just to clarify, the above message was already with this picture when I pinned it. I wouldn't mind that on my wall to show off those amazing (photoshopped) antlers. ;) Hehe

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    I'm not sure who took the picture, I think I found it on National Geographic. No flippin way will I go whale watching now!!

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    No big deal, just hanging with my whale.

    BASKING SHARK Fun Facts: After the whale shark, the basking shark is the second largest living fish, and can grow up to 32 feet long. These sharks are often mistaken for plesiosaurs, a group of long-necked, predatory marine reptiles that lived at the time of the dinosaurs.