• Katherine Yokley

    Adorable smiling harp seal pup (Photo: Keren Su)

  • Cristie Ledon

    Happy seal pup! I need you.

  • Candace Taylor

    Most adorable animal ever! The Canadian Harp Seal beams for the camera

  • Susan Parmenter

    §§º§§ Animal Kingdom | Baby Seal

  • Lisa Smith

    Harp Seal....All puppies are cute but perhaps the cutest baby animals are the Harp Seal pups. The yellow coat they are born with, becomes snow white after a few days. The white pelts are prized by hunters, who sell their harvest to furriers. There are sanctions on annual seal hunts in Newfoundland, but some nations don’t regulate the hunts, and thousands of baby seals are slaughtered each year. Other threats are overfishing at the animals’ feeding grounds and by capturing the seals with fishing nets.

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