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Seems like a good idea, but how would having a picture/painting over the thermostat affect fluctuations in temperature? Would it act as in insulator and cause the thermostat to respond slower? Both turning on & turning off? Or am I just thinking too much?

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In den KNUFF passen perfekt Rollen mit Alu- und Frischhaltefolien. | 37 clevere Arten, Dein Leben mit IKEA-Sachen zu organisieren

Wood Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet - Until a few weeks ago, we had a nice stainless steel trash can. Nice…but still a bit of an eyesore being a trashcan and all. Then…

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Amazing shower! This home is on the market and with a $650,000 down payment and a low interest rate your payment would only be about $ 12,000 a month. One can always dream! 6309 770 4 Trent Erwin Favorite Places & Spaces Claire P At first i thought the mansion was only $650K in its entirety. Hahaha i was like for such a big house that's not that much! xD

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Kitchen Stuffs: Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects - You can buy pull out cabinet organizers that will hold your cookware and keep it neatly in place. They work about like the drawers in your dishwasher. In fact, you can install o