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nudibranch Limacia cockerelli (Nudibranchia - Polyceridae)


Limacia cockerelli This showy creature is the nudibranch Limacia cockerelli (Nudibranchia - Polyceridae), an attractive species with long tubercles down the middle of the dorsum, tipped with orange or.

Blue Dragon Nudibranch | Nudibranch

Flabellina is a genus of sea slugs, specifically aeolid nudibranchs. These animals are marine gastropod molluscs in the family Flabellinidae.

Marine flat worm

The color and shape of this flatworm makes me think of a shawl or a scarf. How fun would this be in cashmere, draped around your shoulders over a polka dot dress. I want to mix stripes and polka dots sometimes.

Felimida marislae (Nudibranchia - Chromodorididae)  Gulf of California, Mexico.

Felimida marislae Formerly named Chromodoris marislae, Felimida marislae (Nudibranchia - Chromodorididae) is a species of sea slug endemic to the central and southern Gulf of California, Mexico.

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Nudibranch of Okinawa- Glossodoris averni

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Ceratosoma Trilobatum nudibranch - photo by Ludovic, via Flickr;  at Minahasa Utara, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Big Ceratosoma Trilobatum Nudibranch - Ceratosoma trilobatum is a species of colorful dorid nudibranch, a sea slug, a shell-less marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chromodorididae.