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  • Kiss Therain

    We have written before about Square, an accessory that turns iGadgets into credit card readers. Now, as an effort to kill of cash registers, Square have launched the Square Register. The software allows merchants to add their products easily, creating shortcuts to favorite/best selling and accepting payments with cards, money or even with the Square Card Case. With it, you can also track your sales history and detailed analysis in real time of the numbers of your business through a web interface

  • Frank Reb

    Square (making creditcard payments possible on almost any smartphone/tablet)

  • Sompol Lertmaneetaweesup

    Square, the mobile payment company, has introduced an iPad app that turns the tablet into a cash register. As the very Apple-like video above explains, the Square Register app plus Square's quarter-sized reader lets you process payments via cash, credit card and even by customer name. The ...

  • Ransu Salovaara

    At 2010, Square first introduced the Square credit card reader for the iPhone. Now they have three amazingly well executed products: The Reader (to accept payments on the go), The Register that turns iPad to small business cash register and Pay with Square "wallet" that enables you to just go to your favorite coffee shop and say "I am Ransu, can I have a latte, please". You never take your wallet or phone out of your pocket - Amazing use of geo fencing and mobile internet.

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