Eternity by Blue Steel

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Blue Diamond: This very trendy looking ring is for the cool, calm, caring, and collected. This Stainless Steel Ring is simply striking with its bright blue center and textured edges. $49.99

Eternity Band

Titanium Square $89.99

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PIN IT TO WIN IT! Golden Slayer: This steel pendant with double piece of metal crosses is designed with a rich finish.The classic approach is well blended with a modern touch in this masterpiece. For those who like to make a strong statement, this is the perfect piece you are looking for.This Stainless Steel Double Cross with Gold Gothic Top Cross Pendant is top in its class. $29.99

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Steel Spy: This uniquely designed ball necklace is remarkable with its miniature design. It is simple in looks therfore no matter where you are, with this around your neck, your simple style never fluctuates. Available in 2 widths. $59.00

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Black Butterfly: The Black Butterfly brings a sense of beauty along with a powerful image of independence and strength. For women who are beautiful yet fearless and stand for their beliefs. Fly high with your dreams. $29.99

birthstones of you and your significant other...maybe as a wedding anniversary gift?

love the design

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PIN IT TO WIN IT! Bolt: Lose yourself in the magical touch of this epic design. With combination of matte and glossy finish, this is sure to boost your style in any occasion, so if you are looking for something that will shoot your style up with its simple yet brilliant looks, you just found the right ring $99.99

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Feminine Spirit $39.99

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Wedding Band: Tungsten shiny finish traditional wedding band represents everlasting love and will create magical memories for couples. $109.99

Tungsten is such an awesome metal. Lasts longer than most marriages!

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Cardinale The Cardinale bracelet is where high quality stainless steel meets classy, refined design. A copper colored Templar cross is set into each arched link of this unique bracelet. The Templar cross is named for the noble and chivalrous Templar Knights. Whether at work or on the town, display your nobility and courage with this stylish and detailed stainless steel bracelet. Matches the Cardinale Ring. $89.00

PIN IT TO WIN IT! MOTHER OF PEARL: This creative simple design surely gives you a new breakthrough in style, with its rich color combination of Mother of Pearl and Tungsten. No matter where you are, its extravagant finish gives you the complete look of a classy individual. $129.99