Favorite People Book

Site to make Personalized board books. Gift idea!

What I Should Have Written in My Baby Book...good site. I love the idea of writing down all the little memories! :)

A Custom ABC Book for toddlers! Helps them learn names and faces of people they know!

Spiral bound photo books by Pinhole Press - great DIY gift for a baby or toddler

My First Year Poster : if only I had found this before L was born! Hang it somewhere you can see it. Because who can remember to fill in a baby book?

best baby book I've every seen!! awesome ideas :)

Quiet Book

My idea for the shower, is that we print out pages that say something like "We love you, Baby Noah!" and then we can have all the guests write things to him, about his parents, about what's going on in the world etc. Then we can make a book with all of them and pictures of people so that he can look at it and learn who is family is.


Adorable book to document the drawings of children.

Baby's 1st Year: What to include in a baby record book. Wow this is amazing, she's done an amazing job, so cool.

Hadn't really thought of doing it this way, but this seems much better than any of the baby books I've found in the store!

Take a photo right after your baby falls asleep on the night before his birthday. Then you can add this picture to his baby book with the caption: Tonight my little one fell asleep as an 11-month-old… tomorrow he will wake up as a one-year-old! This is guaranteed to become a beloved traditional photo you take every year on the eve of your child’s birthday.

Quiet Book Ideas. easy to make!.

DIY Personalized Alphabet Book - Made this for my son's 3rd Christmas and he LOVED it. A great way to practice letter recognition and a wonderful family heirloom.

First year photo book

First year baby book ideas. Like her tips on what she did for the first year album.

Apps for toddler

Love this idea! A book of names and faces for the kids.

Take a screen shot of Facebook comments and text messages the day your baby is born. And save them for the baby book!