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My name is Veronica Colmenares Silva, I’m from Caracas, Venezuela and I’m fucking happy :) June 8, 2012: finally achieved what he had expected, I got my first tattoo! It symbolizes a tree of life (I love everything that surrounds its meaning: paths of life, wisdom, roots) and the trunk has a film reel embraced. Cinema is the passion of my life and my dream job, that’s why the film reel that blends into the tree. “Joce” is the named of my tattoo artist, he designed a

This tattoo was done in Corpus Christi, Tx by Cindy Saenz at Electra Art. This is my hourglass with the tree of life breaking through the top, done on my front left thigh. It has so much meaning to me and I could not be happier with the final result.

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Tree of Life for Todd

Tree of Life Large Charm necklace by CaughtREDhanded on etsy I love this for a tattoo!