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A narcissist is incapable of love. It's all a game to them and you were never informed of the rules to that game.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics

read the first part of this and thought it was going in a completely different direction...

This is needed on this board. Because this is how I feel whenever I express my opinion. But I don't have the intention of starting crap.

Yes, some people really do suck. Why invite them into YOUR precious life? God gives us a finite number of days above ground. Why pollute a single second/minute/hour/day/year with a sucky person? If they were the tray that raw chicken comes in, how long could you stand to leave it in your kitchen trash? Time to kick those stinky peeps to the curb trash can for pick up, baby!

If you have been broken, mend yourself knowing that you will become more beautiful. And always think before you act... an apology cannot repair something you've done without thought.

Quotes Of The Day - 28 Pics

I read this pin and thought.." glad that I am not the only one who does this!" Then I looked down onto the comment and realized that my sister posted this for me. Apparently, others realize that I do this often. AWKWARD.