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Yup traitors. Karma is a bitch and i got front row seat...

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He told everyone the divorce was my fault when in fact he was the one who cheated and He knows it

Like that horrible, disgusting woman who got arrested publicly at work for stalking, found guilty in court and had weekly parole meetings for 18 months. How humiliating.

Karma.. Having fun with your vanilla life Fuckface? The bitch you end up with... haha and Im still a good girl. You are just stuck with the bitch now. The End.

Karma is a real bitch! Ha, I'm a good girl and I get the last laugh!

Si soy gorda si soy flaca me critican si soy feliz me critican se soy callada me critican. Asi que voy a ser quien quiero porque me van a criticar igual.

I am not a bitch. I am the bitch. And to you, I am Ms Bitch.

Image result for it's like my mom always said what the fuck is wrong with you

If I really was a bitch, I’d make your life a living hell. But instead, I’ll just sit back and watch you do it yourself.

Well, according to my class I'm Queen Bitch, Princess of Evil and Lady of the Light

Im the queen bitch girl princess bitch funny quotes queen girl quotes OMG THAS…

So accurate

Funny pictures about I wish I was a bird. Oh, and cool pics about I wish I was a bird. Also, I wish I was a bird.

Pretty much sums up my day!

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To my Hubby's ex-- I really dont hate you, I feel indifferent towards you, you die today, oh well. Unlike you who claims to hate but is very much fixated and obsessed with me.