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    When I saw this it reminded me so much like my dog Xander. Not in looks, but wanting me to get up through out the night to let him out.
    November 14, 2012

    every morning

    • Sharon Johnson

      Hahaha... my dog. 530am. everyday. Anyone else wake up in the morning with their dog looking lovingly into you eyes.

    • Ariana Worley

      I'm pretty sure that's my dog!!! LOLOLOLOL......and he does this every day to each person who wakes up (all 5 of us)!! And don't even think of walking by him without petting him good morning! lol

    • Jessica Montgomery

      My life... What I wake up to every morning- except Bear likes to add drool to the equation

    • Margaret Fogler

      I love my dog, but it's creepy waking up with her face so close like this.

    • Becky VanderNoot

      My dog licks my face when she's ready for me to wake up. Every morning.

    • Inês Simões

      story of my life. - Click image to find more Animals Pinterest pins

    • Graham Hall

      Funny Dog Photo: Every morning I stare at you until you wake up.

    • Rob Weaver

      Hahaha, so true! my dog does this to me every morning!! lol

    • Ann-Katrin Beard

      Every morning!!!!!! I wake up to a puppy face

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