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Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: October 2012: Plot Anchor Chart

Free! over 75 prefixes, suffixes and root words, this master list can be used as a great reference

This site is really cool...Just about every Dr. Seuss book on video.

Shut the Door and Teach: Pinterest Inspiration: Summary Poster

Nonfiction Matters! Very cool idea- each flap then has an example of each of the text structures that the student create themselves.

4321...TEACH amazing chapter book with teaching possible teaching ideas

Story Skills / Story Elements

Maniac Magee Activity Cards. 20 cards, 100 activities, 5 per card. Laminate and use year to year!

Guided Reading for Upper Grades...great blog!-literacy coaching

Theme is difficult to teach. Click through for not only FREE printables but for lesson ideas and a booklist.

Text features

Tons of games and activities!

Inference-This is an awesome Pixar short for reinforcing or introducing the skill of inference. allow students to watch the entire film (5 minutes) then replay it, stopping to ask inference questions.

Compound Sentences Freebie

ELA Assessment 5th-6th Grade

Holding children accountable for partner reading.

Google Lit Trips allows students to tour the places where the characters they read about are living. This website has over 35 pre-created trips that teachers and students can download and run through Google Earth. The lit trips are easy to navigate and organized by grade level. The website also gives step by step instructions on how teachers can create their own lit trips, tips for using Google Earth and ideas for integrating Google Lit trips into your current curriculum.

THESIS STATEMENT: This is a PowerPoint that will help your students identify a good thesis statement. It helps your students understand why a thesis statement is a g...

In this activity, students will find cards around the room with sentences. They will rewrite the possessive nouns using apostrophes correctly. An ... and contrast poster and Venn diagram sheet.

Common Core is all about evidence!! Standard One for all grades is all about showing the evidence!! This is a great Anchor Chart for Textual Evidence Sentence Starters

Using test taking vocabulary including Inferring, Compare and Contrast, etc. Video from Flocabulary.

Mrs-Copelands-Classroom Shop - | Teachers Notebook

Similes, hyperbole, metaphors, personification,onomatopoeia, alliteration definition posters and worksheets