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  • Sarah Spero

    Clip-on horse attachments for a bicycle. So Burning Man!

  • Allison Becker

    Clip-on horse attachments for a bicycle!!! I would ride a bike with that on it! Lol!

  • Trisha

    unicorn Bike Design. Awesome!

  • Jana Champ

    Bicycle pony. I'd have loved this as a kid. My old Stingray doubled as Little Joe's Pinto pony many times during the '60's.

  • Rina

    Hors Bike.

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And if I ever see you haven't shaved your horns again, I'll strip you of your ghostbuster privileges.

bicycle basket! For Tina Robinette and her new bike!

it's bugging me that in this world of Pinterest and Tumblr, people aren't crediting the artists. Another beautiful image, artist unknown.

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” Winston Churchill

"There's tons of stuff on unicorns too. In fact I've heard they ride on silver moon beams and shoot rainbows out of there horn" -Dean Winchester, Supernatural. Lol

black horse, blue sky by Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor, via Flickr

pretty pink peddler, posies and a pup. love I want this bike! I love bikes and of course I love the dog. :)

Rust is just proof that it was well used(or left outside).

bike will look great on the old schwinn i,m restoring as a single gear ride. thanks lacy for bike

I am a sucker for green mixtes. (maritza I tried to repin this from you but pinterest said no)