How awesome are these Daria nails? Daria « Lindsey the Vampire Slayer

23 Creative Nails Tutorials: puzzle pieces done with toothpicks (small detail work). Lots of time but worth it.

22 Easy Nail Tutorials - Nail Art Tutorials

Black with silver star decals. Paint the design on a tin foil (?) then let it dry and peel off

glitter base, topped with one coat of top coat to make the glitter less bumpy. star stickers- like the gold stars that teachers use after the glitter was dry, and then painted over them with two coats of black matte,

Spotted in Iowa -- Nails for President Obama! Neat!

Spotted in Iowa

Mario Mushroom nails

Super Mario Nail Art

nintendo wii super mario mushroom green and white nail art, fingernails, funky manicures. sorry, i have no idea where i got this from, if you know or if u own it please post the details.

That's So Rue

Geometric manicure nail art: three color: mint green, aqua blue and white with silver striping tape, stripes, lines

Senhor dos Anéis

Lord of the Rings inspired nail art! The one ring to rule them all!


To get a cute little image get a magazine and put rubbing alcohol on nail with cutip. Then place image on nail. For a colored background just paint any color before you put image and alcohol.