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Beautiful girl... Needs a little improvement in her brows. Center portion is taken out too far making the bridge if her nose look larger. Also the beginning / center portions if her brows are too thin - weight is needed in there in order to pick up some height at the brow bone. Please grow!

Happy Happy Girl, Kerala, India by Jennifer Esperanza

Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Le Secret, Eglantine et Laurence, Paris 1979

Cute family pose... though I would maybe have dad do something other than hand in the pocket to look more connected. I like the way Mom's wrapped around his arm.

portrait - I want to try this style with my boys on our bay window

by Martha Syrko - just beautiful! the extremely shallow DOF, the bokeh, the pose of her hands entwining around her braid,the rolling of her shoulders, the eyes looking down with parted lips and the light coming from camera rt with ? fill light added...

A scene/photograph "inside" a girl. This is an interesting way to represent photos of large numbers of people that would look boring in the form of a regular photograph. :) We could incorporate this design in a spread for one of our school-wide events..perhaps on a student wearing a light colored t-shirt.

♀ Black and white woman portrait face of a girl with Freckles "Siberian Stories" by Daria Pitak

The color is just sumptuous in this photo... about female by Mariya Vetrova, via 500px

Pretty pose for senior pictures or models. Senior portrait inspiration. Senior picture idea. #seniorpictureideas